Marshall’s Garden

Marshall’s Garden, originally uploaded by LubaSF.

My step-dad, Marshall Cohn, was born in 1922 in San Francisco. His grew up on 7th Avenue in the Richmond District. Even though he passed away, the home he grew up in has remained in our family. And today, when I was at the property taking care of a few things, I discovered this sign. It made me smile. Every property has a history, and sometimes, if you look hard, you’ll discover it. :)

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2 Responses to “Marshall’s Garden”

  1. Larachka Says:

    How sweet. We found a tombstone turned over and used as a stepping stone which was flush with the grass at our place on 40th and Geary when we decided to dig up the garden. So our bit of history was a bit creepier. I like yours better.

  2. Luba Says:

    Um, yes. You’re story is WAY creepier!

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